With the combined efforts of over 3,500 branch members we could achieve a lot of advances in our terms and conditions and the issues that affect us.  The best way of getting active is to become a workplace rep.  Below are descriptions of the different types of workplace reps we have in UNISON.

All reps qualify for free training and employers are obliged to provide paid time off for this training.  Also in those places we have recogntion agreements, such as the NHS, union reps get paid time off work to to represent memebrs in hearings and negotiations and consultations with senior management.

The most important types or reps are stewards.  They form the backbone of the union, without which no-one could get any help at work.  They are all volunteer members of the union elected by their work colleagues.  They are often trained in health and safety law and represent members on this issue too, though some reps concentrate solely on health and safety.  Other members act as workplace contacts for stewards, letting them know about changes and taking to new starters about the importance of joining the union.

For a more detailed description of what workplace reps do have a look at this handbook.  In addition a new type of rep now qualifies for time off.  these are Equality reps who campaign for fair treatment for women, BME, disabled and LGBT memebrs in their work area.

To become a workplace rep you will need to be nominated by two other branch members in your workplace. 

Complete this form and return it to the address on the form and one of our experienced reps will get in touch to help you get started.

Alternatively you can ring the branch office on 01865 252672 to arrange for an experienced steward to contact you to answer any questions you might have.

All branch members are also entitled to stand as a branch officer who are elected annually.  Please complete this form if you wish to stand for a vacant position for 2015.